LeftWay DEMO for Windows PC – Download Free

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Windows-Software-DownloadNampung is the main character of this adventure and she is lost. In LeftWay a Game for Windows, in which you need to help you find the exit to a world that looks like the real, but there’s something strange.

The main character of LeftWay is a girl who woke up in the middle of the night in the dark, alone in the middle of the street. How did she get there? Where to go? These and other questions need to be answered.

Use the WASD to move Nampung and press the space bar whenever you want to interact with an object — not all of them have interaction, however. To escape from a scene, you have to solve puzzles and find keys that take you to other sites. I wonder if you are able to find the answers to all the questions that the game brings?

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Full Screen Caller ID for Windows and Mac

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Apps-for-PC-Windows-MacFull Screen Caller ID is an interesting app, especially for anyone who has a device with a small screen. The application lets your contact’s image in full screen, making the recognition of who cares even faster.

So that the user does not lose time, the application has a smart function that connects your contacts with your Facebook friends, displaying the image of each profile. On the other hand, those looking for privacy can be in Full Screen Caller ID even easier to everyone around you identify who’s trying to talk to you.

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Instasquare Photo Editor for Windows and Mac

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InstaSquare-Online-for-PC-Windows-Mac-Free-DownloadOne of the boring bits from posting on Instagram is having to cut the photos to the image fit in the format required by the network. But if you do not want to do this, you can use Instasquare for PC. The program allows you to prepare an entire photo to post on Instagram without having to cut it, and still has several other features, such as adding filters, reverse, add background, border, and cut to the desired size. After the adjustments, just save the appliance to share straight on Instagram.

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Villains Corp. The Game Review

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Villains-Corp-Android-Game-APK-Free-DownloadVillains Corp. is an extremely simple game, but very fun and addictive. Clearly inspired by the movie My Favorite Naughty and Minions, the game has a visual caricature, almost as if it were a cartoon, all in 2D, with vibrant colors and flashy. We can say it’s a beautiful app, although there are many details in the images or even complex animations.

The production style mat Monsters S.A.

The objective of the game is to create and combine the most varied types of monsters, send them to specific missions and make money, to make more creatures and so on. The main attraction of the game is precisely this: form bugs with the craziest combinations in the lab, in addition to machines for you to unlock even more different creations.

At that point, Villains Corp. can have a lot of fun. However, the game can be pretty dull too. This is due to the fact the battles will never be displayed, because there isn’t any kind of action here. You’re always going from menu to menu without seeing what your monsters are doing. When they go to the missions, just pops up a clock indicating that they are fighting and nothing more.

So, Villains Corp. is a game in which you will spend all the time looking at the menu of the game, because that’s what the game is, this may not be a downside for some people, but who are waiting for more action can find the app quite annoying. Anyway, Villains Corp. is a game interesting, especially because you can create many types of monsters in a lab fun.

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Mini Monster Mania for PC (Windows 7/8/Mac) – Free Download

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Mini-Monster-Mania-Online-for-PCMini Monster Mania is a role-playing game in which we must capture monsters to fight for us, similar to Pokémon. However, the gameplay is inspired by puzzle games of color combination, like Candy Crush. The combination of two distinct genres creates a unique and fun experience.

Cutting-edge graphics

From the first menu, we realize the special affection given to graphs of Mini Monster Mania. The interface is beautifully crafted, the 2D sprites are very well-done and the design of the monsters is very charismatic.

Besides having a great-looking, the experience improves even more during battles. All the animals are in 3D right now, ensuring a visual richness. Graphic effects and animations are filling my eyes, worthy of any game for consoles.

The soundtrack remains the high level of quality, with orchestral compositions that marry perfectly with the RPG genre. All creatures and coups have sound effects and that help create a very immersive and playful setting.

Two worlds combined

Oddly enough join contrasting genres as, the idea works very well in Mini Monster Mania. The game follows the successful line of games such as Adventure Xpress and creates a unique experience, fun and extremely exciting. Gambling is interesting by using the turn-based system combined with quick add colors on the screen.

In this way, we have a fluid, fast and diverse gameplay, a perfect joint for any title. In addition, we can gain experience to evolve our monsters, gain new skills and fight against other players online, something that extends the time spent in the game.

Packed with serious technical problems

Unfortunately, the amount of good elements of Mini Monster Mania is equivalent to technical problems. The title needs to constantly go through long loading screens, something that hinders the fluidity and fast gameplay. For the worse the situation, some waits are even more time consuming because you need to download some files for gambling.

And, as if that wasn’t enough this problem on its own, some errors occur during the loadings and require the player to reload the level or even restart the game. It is very frustrating to have to stop playing to address these glitches – which happen often.

Theoretically, download all files at once before you start playing it would solve these bugs. However, this is not offered from the outset to the player. And, to complete the problem, the server does not work as it should and force you to download more than once the same things.

Ultimately, Mini Monster Mania is an extremely fun and captivating experience, full of cool features, beautiful graphics and high quality soundtrack. Unfortunately, the technical problems are so large and frequent that can interfere with great gameplay.

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