Play Elune Saga Adventure Game for PC

Elune Saga is a ROLE PLAYING GAME for Android, in which the player must defend the mythical realm of Astoria. You can travel around town, recruiting new warriors and creatures. Don’t waste your time! Download Elune Saga for PC.

Our opinion
With great graphics, Elune Saga is one of the most beautiful RPGs for Android: the modeling of the characters and the art for the cards are proof of that. The soundtrack also demonstrates a quality above average.

However, as the initial part is a little boring, the player may not appreciate both these aspects. To download the game for the first time, it is necessary to do an update that takes a lot. In addition, the app works only if your phone or tablet is connected to the internet.

The interface is a little confusing and the tutorial-with plenty of conversation between the characters-let the initial part of Elune Saga found rather dull. After that part, the game features well-known gameplay, fighting in shifts. To attack, simply touch the opponents that arise along the way.

The game features a system of cards where you evokes creatures: the “Souls”, which are incorporated into the character. With that, best attacks and new powers are guaranteed. To gain new cards, you need to access the Centre of the map in a place called “Summon”.

In Elune Saga you start the adventure with just two characters, but can control up to five at the same time. However, gathering five Warriors will take time, because many of them are only available in the future. The game has about 30 new, that can be played at three difficulty levels: easy, normal and hard.

With a charming, Eluna Saga only by confusing presentation and dialogues, which are very large. However, the game features a battle system that can be played either manually to automatic, which ensures fun for anyone who wants to evolve their characters quickly.

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Vidmate for Windows 7/8 – Free Download

Vidmate for Windows is an application that could be more interesting if you don’t display as much Indian content. The proposal of the app would be much more interesting if he were to offer content of movies, music and newspapers worldwide known.

During our tests, we found another quite negative point: subtitles and audios that mostly comes with subtitles in Hindi. Newspapers live also failed and didn’t open absolutely nothing on the screen.

Vidmate PC performance leaves much to be desired. We can’t download a few movies and videos from most popular sharing services such as Vimeo. By having very Indian content, download videos of other services would point more to the app, but unfortunately that’s not a reality.

For being an app able to do multiple downloads at the same time in addition to offering good tools, expect more on the content and performance. Who is Brazilian, the app can be uninteresting for the fact that its contents be Indian.

Get Offroad Racers Game for Windows PC

This rules is freshness of who runs on the asphalt. When the circuit is on Earth, everything you need to win is to have a bumper reinforced and finishing the race in one piece.

Offroad Racers is a game completely very similar to Offroader v5 free of race on Earth which ensures that experience. Several cars, varied modes of racing and different slopes await you in a game in which the destruction is just as important as their skills behind the wheel.

This is not a common race.

Between isolated tracks in the heart of the forest, there’s no one to judge whether what you’re doing is right or wrong. All that matters is to get ahead of their opponents, no matter how. Therefore, it is best to prepare your bumper because the other pilots know very well how to put you out of the race.

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App of The Week: Stick Hero for Windows PC

Our App of the week today is one of the most addictive games that have passed through our screens and, however, have had to make a great effort to detach ourselves from them and be able to write this post. We have great hurry to overcome our best score (which will not disclose here more out of shame than by aesthetics) so, if you think that you have what you have, try to download Stick Hero for PC and shows how it gives you that calculate the distances to eye.

Stick Hero is one of the most downloaded games and more popularity is gaining in recent months for a very good reason. In it, you have to embody a fearless ninja, although you can later enjoy other picturesque protagonists, who will have the Mission of jumping from a platform to another to infinity.

To do this, as you can imagine, you will need your help as well as your ability to calculate distances to eye. Click on the screen of your terminal and observes how climbing upright until you consider that it equals the hole that this character must save until the next solid surface. Then your alter ego digital will give a kick to the table that you just created and, thus, it will drop back into a makeshift bridge. Play Stick Hero Online for PC at