Full Screen Caller ID for Windows and Mac

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Apps-for-PC-Windows-MacFull Screen Caller ID is an interesting app, especially for anyone who has a device with a small screen. The application lets your contact’s image in full screen, making the recognition of who cares even faster.

So that the user does not lose time, the application has a smart function that connects your contacts with your Facebook friends, displaying the image of each profile. On the other hand, those looking for privacy can be in Full Screen Caller ID even easier to everyone around you identify who’s trying to talk to you.

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Instasquare Photo Editor for Windows and Mac

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InstaSquare-Online-for-PC-Windows-Mac-Free-DownloadOne of the boring bits from posting on Instagram is having to cut the photos to the image fit in the format required by the network. But if you do not want to do this, you can use Instasquare for PC. The program allows you to prepare an entire photo to post on Instagram without having to cut it, and still has several other features, such as adding filters, reverse, add background, border, and cut to the desired size. After the adjustments, just save the appliance to share straight on Instagram.

Download InstaSquare for Windows and Mac

Villains Corp. The Game Review

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Villains-Corp-Android-Game-APK-Free-DownloadVillains Corp. is an extremely simple game, but very fun and addictive. Clearly inspired by the movie My Favorite Naughty and Minions, the game has a visual caricature, almost as if it were a cartoon, all in 2D, with vibrant colors and flashy. We can say it’s a beautiful app, although there are many details in the images or even complex animations.

The production style mat Monsters S.A.

The objective of the game is to create and combine the most varied types of monsters, send them to specific missions and make money, to make more creatures and so on. The main attraction of the game is precisely this: form bugs with the craziest combinations in the lab, in addition to machines for you to unlock even more different creations.

At that point, Villains Corp. can have a lot of fun. However, the game can be pretty dull too. This is due to the fact the battles will never be displayed, because there isn’t any kind of action here. You’re always going from menu to menu without seeing what your monsters are doing. When they go to the missions, just pops up a clock indicating that they are fighting and nothing more.

So, Villains Corp. is a game in which you will spend all the time looking at the menu of the game, because that’s what the game is, this may not be a downside for some people, but who are waiting for more action can find the app quite annoying. Anyway, Villains Corp. is a game interesting, especially because you can create many types of monsters in a lab fun.

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Mini Monster Mania for PC (Windows 7/8/Mac) – Free Download

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Mini-Monster-Mania-Online-for-PCMini Monster Mania is a role-playing game in which we must capture monsters to fight for us, similar to Pokémon. However, the gameplay is inspired by puzzle games of color combination, like Candy Crush. The combination of two distinct genres creates a unique and fun experience.

Cutting-edge graphics

From the first menu, we realize the special affection given to graphs of Mini Monster Mania. The interface is beautifully crafted, the 2D sprites are very well-done and the design of the monsters is very charismatic.

Besides having a great-looking, the experience improves even more during battles. All the animals are in 3D right now, ensuring a visual richness. Graphic effects and animations are filling my eyes, worthy of any game for consoles.

The soundtrack remains the high level of quality, with orchestral compositions that marry perfectly with the RPG genre. All creatures and coups have sound effects and that help create a very immersive and playful setting.

Two worlds combined

Oddly enough join contrasting genres as, the idea works very well in Mini Monster Mania. The game follows the successful line of games such as Adventure Xpress and creates a unique experience, fun and extremely exciting. Gambling is interesting by using the turn-based system combined with quick add colors on the screen.

In this way, we have a fluid, fast and diverse gameplay, a perfect joint for any title. In addition, we can gain experience to evolve our monsters, gain new skills and fight against other players online, something that extends the time spent in the game.

Packed with serious technical problems

Unfortunately, the amount of good elements of Mini Monster Mania is equivalent to technical problems. The title needs to constantly go through long loading screens, something that hinders the fluidity and fast gameplay. For the worse the situation, some waits are even more time consuming because you need to download some files for gambling.

And, as if that wasn’t enough this problem on its own, some errors occur during the loadings and require the player to reload the level or even restart the game. It is very frustrating to have to stop playing to address these glitches – which happen often.

Theoretically, download all files at once before you start playing it would solve these bugs. However, this is not offered from the outset to the player. And, to complete the problem, the server does not work as it should and force you to download more than once the same things.

Ultimately, Mini Monster Mania is an extremely fun and captivating experience, full of cool features, beautiful graphics and high quality soundtrack. Unfortunately, the technical problems are so large and frequent that can interfere with great gameplay.

Free Download: Mini Monster Mania for PC – Mini Monster Mania for Android

How to download Fallout Shelter for iPhone and iPad

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Fallout_Shelter_Ipad-Iphone-DownloadIf you like simulation games and city administration but are a little sick of the traditional options, Fallout Shelter is a title that undoubtedly has the potential to Captivate and challenge. Administering a post-apocalyptic underground base, your mission is to take care of the resources and people to expand the bunker.

Fighting for survival

The gameplay is quite simple and is completely touch-based. The interface screens are intuitive and many actions use the old mechanics of “drag and drop”, guaranteeing accessible and intuitive games for gamers of all ages and even for those who have not mastered the English language.

Although the mechanics look objective, since there are only three basic features in addition to the money, Fallout Shelter hides dozens subtleties that will surprise the gamers more attentive. The survivors may be sick of their jobs, and errors can cause fires, floods and other severe problems.

Besides, it is also necessary to invest in entertainment structures to boost morale of the inhabitants. Couples grouped in dormitories may also generate healthy babies and families can create ties that let workers perform their activities more efficiently.

It is not easy to deal with people

Another important issue is to know how to deal with patients and with violence as the basis of larger proportions. After some playing time and evolution, Fallout Shelter proves to be a pretty deep title and full of possibilities and developments.

In the chart, the app from Bethesda is not exactly realistic, since the characters have a cartoon appeal. Despite this, the textures, effects and lighting are of excellent quality and will not disappoint those accustomed with works well polished.

The soundtrack that packs the gambling is varied and the effects that represent the interactions are well synchronized. If you enjoy using headphones while playing, so Fallout Shelter will not disappoint.

Download: Fallout Shelter for iPhone and iPad

PES Club Manager is available for Android, iOS and PC

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PES-CLUB-MANAGER-WindowsWho likes football games in which the goal is to manage a team certainly must know Elifoot and Football Manager. Expanding the list of games that follow this way, Konami has announced the launch of PES Club Manager for PC, free of charge for mobile devices with Android and iOS.

As its name suggests, the goal here is to take the leadership of a Club and perform the best work possible to take you to the top of the table of the competitions. To do this, the player has available more than 5,000 licensed players to form your team, you should receive several instructions to win the matches.

There was a statement that PES Club Manager PC also features real-time simulation, in addition to giving the player the possibility to evolve in its rhythm. In the same way as in other management games, there is the option to obtain replacements for the team, as well as send Scouts to check potential athletes.

Finally, the title has an area called My Home Town, that offers the possibility to customize the surroundings of the stadium and include services such as academies, gyms and hospitals.

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LEGO Worlds Game is basically Minecraft with Legos

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Lego-Worlds-Online-for-PC-WindowsLego already making enough money with official playsets Minecraft, would think that the company would not invade the space of this hugely popular game. But that’s not the case: Lego Worlds was officially announced. The only difference between this game and Minecraft is that with this one you create worlds with Lego parts.

Described by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games and The Lego Group as a “boundless collection of worlds generated meticulously,” Lego Worlds let players customize pre-defined scenarios, create their own worlds, piece by piece, or use special tools to create giant structures within the game. You can download LEGO Worlds for MAC OS X via Softidro Downloads.

The satisfaction of riding all those plastic blocks might go away, but players can use a virtual infinite collection of parts without having to worry about having plenty of space at home.

LEGO World is available on Steam Early Access. Is the anticipated launch of Steam: some players may have access to incomplete versions of the game and contribute to its development. That is, it is for those who can’t stand the wait any longer to have a Lego experience in Minecraft, and they don’t mind run into several bugs while the game is ready for its official launch.

Many elements will still be added to the game throughout its development. For now, he doesn’t count with multiplayer support, which means you cannot share your creations with friends or download the world meticulously created by someone else. This is one of the features that makes that Minecraft is so popular, then why didn’t you get Lego Worlds game on the first day?

CM security Software for Windows PC

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CM security is one of the best (free) antivirus applications to your Android device. Is fast enough that you won’t notice that the scan of your phone for the problems. Unlike some of the other antivirus applications, it is also free. While most applications free antirivus aren’t very good, CM security is very good and reliable.

I recomend downloding this application to your phone, if you download a lot of applications, files or search for risky Web sites. It is also worth to install for your own well-being to protect your accounts and information.

Free Download CM security for Windows 7

PicsArt Photo Editing App for Windows and Mac

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Picsart for Windows 8 is a fantastic tool that has a wide range of possibilities to manage all our images. Thanks to its versatility, we manage to achieve the most daring and original, designs which you can share through social networks most popular as it is the case of Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Dropbox, Tumblr, Picasa Blogger, Fouresquare, WordPress and DeviantArt.

On the other hand also has the possibility of sending our jobs directly through SMS messages or even email.

In terms of the capabilities of this image editor, we can find a wide range of options for photo manipulation as well as the use of stickers, text, callouts, masks, collage, image rotation, adjustment of color, graphic art images, edges, etc.

But we also have a wide variety of very useful effects such as the magical effects, artistic effects, give effect of cartoon comic, cross process, watercolor effect, modification of contours, effect of aged paper, shades of pastel colors, red-eye removal, blur softened, correction of face and many more.

On the other hand also allows us to make drawings with a myriad of different effects, which gives us the possibility of drawing on the images and completely customize them by adding details such as labels, artistic strokes with brush, different styles of text effects, effects of drawing, appearance of sticker, etc.

Picsart PC is available for a wide variety of Smartphone and Tablet either operating system Android or iPhone and iPad. If you want to download this tool do not have more to make it through Google Play or iTunes depending on the operating system that you use and choosing the corresponding link of the placed at the end of this article.

Download picsart for computer

iTunes for Mac – Free Download

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iTunes is the Apple multimedia player which brings together in one location, all your music files and videos, in addition to managing your podcasts and listen to online radio. The program is the official way to sync these files on iPod and iPhone. Check out the principal functions:

  • Always organized-no matter if you own a collection with many Gigabytes in your music library. With iTunes, you have the chance to organize them by tags;
  • Podcasts-subscribe to your podcasts and listen to them on your computer or iPod. Whenever there is a new program, iTunes automatically updates them;
  • Quick synchronization-don’t worry about the changes made in your multimedia library, because once you connect any of these devices, they are updated with new files.

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